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Cyprus introduces an authentic breakfast

Enhancing the guest experience with a new initiative

Situated on the crossroads of three continents, Cyprus has long upheld an international reputation for the unique flavours and quality of its food. Now, through a new initiative, breakfast on the island will be the centre of a sustainable tourism drive that promises to put local producers back onto tourist trail.

The Cyprus breakfast is part of a programme of work developed in partnership by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, the Travel Foundation of the UK and the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative. The initiative aims to support local producers  to  access the tourism sector, as well as  to promote rural communities through their gastronomical events, It will give visitors the chance to experience authentic Cypriot cuisine using the freshest local ingredients.

Participating hotels, details of which can be found on the website, will provide guests with an authentic Cypriot breakfast buffet every morning. From nutritional salads of olives, tomatoes and cucumbers to more indulgent fayre such as fried halloumi, eggs and lountza (a delicious smoked pork).  All ingredients for the breakfast will be locally sourced to re-invigorate the most important meal of the day in a sustainable way.

The scheme, originally launched in 2014 seeks to allow the two million tourists that visit the island annually to experience an authentic Cypriot lifestyle, whilst also supporting local farmers, businesses and communities.

As part of the initiative, diners can bring the taste of Cyprus back to Britain with the help of handy recipes on the official Cypriot Breakfast website ( Authentic Cypriot treats such as cookies with olive oil and carob syrup, bread with black olives and stuffed courgette flowers can be made with the simple, easy to follow instructions on the site.

The sustainable breakfast drive follows a number of initiatives that show Cyprus’ commitment to sustainability in their tourism. The Cyprus Tourism Organisation is the first tourist board to introduce mandatory sustainability standards for its hotels. In order to comply, hotels must meet targets on waste production, energy saving and source goods locally. While major hotels and resorts are now required to meet these standards, the island has also seen a growth in agrotourism properties, which are becoming increasingly popular.

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