Greenwich to get London’s first ever passenger cruise terminal

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has welcomed news that the Mayor of London has given the go-ahead to London's first ever passenger cruise terminal built in the borough. 
Consent for a revised and updated scheme at Enderby Wharf, SE10, was approved last month by the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Planning Board, and today the Deputy Mayor for Planning, Sir Edward Lister, also gave the application the go ahead.

The Mayor’s office also confirmed that he is satisfied with measures put in place by the Royal Borough to ensure robust monitoring of air quality associated with the development, with nearly half a million pounds being committed towards monitoring and improving air quality.

Cllr Danny Thorpe, the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Transport, said: “This is a very important step forward, not just for Greenwich, but for the capital. Greenwich’s heritage and its riverfront already ensure that the Royal Borough receives millions of visits by tourists each year, contributing some £1.1 billion to the local economy and supporting 16,000 jobs. This landmark cruise liner development will bring many thousands more visitors to the borough, and provide a major boost to tourism.

“The Council is committed to improving air quality in the borough, and recognises that this was an area of concern for local residents. I hope that it will be reassuring for residents to learn that the Mayor has submitted our measures to independent scrutiny and found them to be satisfactory.”

In a statement from the Mayor of London’s office Sir Edward Lister said: “We have worked with the local authority and the developer to ensure the new terminal and surrounding infrastructure will meet the needs of thousands of tourists coming to the city each year.  “It will provide a major boost to tourism, benefit the local economy and further contribute to London’s status as a world leading city.”