A new chapter for Aqua Expeditions' Amazonian vessels

Aqua Expeditions' Amazonian vessel
A new dawn is breaking on the calm waters of the Peruvian Amazon, and the curtains are opened to reveal the sweeping jungle landscape of the region. On board their two luxury Peruvian vessels, the Aqua Amazon and the Aria Amazon, guests of Aqua Expeditions can now revel in exquisite, aesthetic refurbishments to the two Amazonian river cruisers, as well as exciting new additions to the 3, 4 and 7 night itineraries travelling the course of one of the world’s greatest rivers.

A new dawn in design
Overseen by the boats’ original designer - renowned Peruvian architect Jordi Puig - and drawing inspiration from regional cultures and traditions, the extensive renovations are in keeping with the high levels of detail for which Aqua Expeditions is renowned. Both the Aqua Amazon’s 12-suites and the Aria Amazon’s 16-suites have been completely updated with new floors, furniture and amenities, and a complete redesign of the ensuite bathrooms.  

In the communal guest areas, a full redesign of the lounge and bar areas creates the perfect ambience to relaxing at the end of a full day of excursions with the naturalist, on board guides. The dining rooms also have a smart new look and feel, with new upholstery and tableware from which guests can enjoy the gourmet cuisine of Executive Chef, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino. The boats’ revamp is truly head-to-toe, including the exteriors which feature new woodwork, painting and awnings.  

“As the leader and pioneer of small ship luxury cruising on the Amazon and Mekong we want our boats to always be top-of-the-line and at the forefront of guest comfort and experience,” says Francesco Galli Zugaro, CEO and Founder of Aqua Expeditions. “As our travelers’ needs and expectations evolve so must our products. Both boats have a new refreshed elegant look about them that is indicative of our vision to provide a unique world-class experience.”  

Pedal the paths of the Amazon
Following the popularity of the cycling excursions of the Aqua Mekong, Aqua Expeditions has introduced a fleet of all-terrain touring bikes for guests of the Amazon vessels. Guests will have the opportunity to cycle around Nauta town - a classical Peruvian town in the north-eastern part of Loreto Province, south of Iquitos and just a few miles from the confluence of the Río Ucayali. Take in the local way of life on one of the major tributaries of the Upper Amazon; visit traditional Peruvian houses and schools, and discover beautiful trinkets and souvenirs from the small stores to bring home from an Amazonian adventure.  

Aqua Expeditions will also added a fleet of new, ten-seater skiffs for each vessel, allowing greater comfort for guest excursions into the heart of the Amazon jungle.  

These enhancements to the design and service of the Aqua Amazon and Aria Amazon allow guests of Aqua Expeditions to continue experiencing a luxurious and authentic way of exploring the Peruvian Amazon, on the most luxurious ships on the river.

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