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What are Choux waiting for?

Choux brussels

Additions have been made to the Choux de Bruxelles portfolio of venues in and around the Belgian capital

Yes, Choux de Bruxelles actually means ‘Brussels sprouts’. However, on the MICE scene it is not a food but an umbrella label of top-of-the-range locations, all regarded as jewels in the Brussels crown.
They are each of unique and authentic character and can be used exclusively, selected to be in the collection because they add prestige to any event and because of their quality of service and facilities.

They range widely from the Arsenal, the Vaudeville Theatre and the Maison Grand Place, from the Young Gallery to the Chalet Robinson. The Arsenal, dating from the early 1900s, has a glass roof giving excellent lighting for occasions that require large backcloths or the presentation of vehicles – or it can seat 600 for dinner. The Maison Grand Place is on several floors of a classical mansion in the magnificent city centre, able to seat up to 140 at a conference.

Another central location in a historic building is the Vaudeville Theatre, seating up to 265 delegates. Outside the city in the leafy Bois de la Cambre, Chalet Robinson stands on its own island, a timber building restored to its original charm, complete with a garden and terrace. It can seat 200 for dinner, cater for a reception of up to 500 or is the place for hosting 400 at a party.

Several venues have recently been added to the Choux de Bruxelles marketing consortium, including Castle Ardoisière, Hippodrome Ostende and Ferme Coquiamont. These are historic properties outside Brussels that can be reserved exclusively for events for around 250 to 300 guests.

ContactFor details and images of the Choux de Bruxelles portfolio visit: or contact Philippe Marée at the Belgium – Brussels & Wallonia office on 020-7531 0391 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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