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Brussels will be Brusselicious throughout 2012


Brussels will be Brusselicious throughout 2012

No matter when you take a group to Brussels in 2012, you will be sure to get the best possible taste of the city. It is holding a year-long festival under the title of ‘Brusselicious’. This will showcase best of Belgian cuisine from source to table.

In January, the focus will be on ‘La Couque’. To say it is like a croissant is an understatement, as it is baked with chocolate, apricots or raisins. This is why so many locals queue up at scores of patisseries at breakfast time. And during ‘Brusselicious’ the bakeries will compete for the new Golden Pastry Award for the best couque.

Then there will be a contest for the best chips sold on the streets with Mayonnaise, leading up to an August gastronomic frenzy, with famous chefs offering free public tastings of salted waffles with lobster cream, endives with grilled cheese and goose liver with macaroons.

‘Brusselicious’ builds up to a crescendo with a Beer Café Rally in September and a Chocolate Week in November.

And all the time there will be a tram converted into a mobile restaurant touring the city’s streets every evening.

No wonder that the MICE specialist, Philippe Marée, at the London office of the Belgian Tourist Office Brussels & Wallonia has the email address of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Certainly in 2012 it is the place to be.

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