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The Egg aims to hatch into new ideas

The Egg aims to hatch into new ideas

Belgium is a supporter of the ideas expressed in Lisbon in 2000 that the future of the EU depends heavily on the rapid expansion of its knowledge-based economy. Following on from this Belgium believes that companies operating in the sector of cutting-edge knowhow should physically work in close proximity to each other, sparking ideas as a result of formal and informal networking.

Opening this month is a new building called The Egg, designed especially for this purpose. Working space has been allocated to professional associations, innovation centres and universities in order to facilitate exchanges between organisations and individuals, between public and private sector enterprises.

It is reported that 20 associations have already stated their intention to move into the Egg, which suggests that the venue will have at least 300 events a year, attracting 25,000 visitors to seminars, meetings and networking functions.

There are to be Living Labs for projects involving research into people and behaviour, as well as an AIR programme aimed at assisting individual artists to make use of the latest technology.

There will also be a Golden Egg Award for the most innovative idea. With it comes free space in the building for a year and assistance in raising funds for a project.

The Egg is based in a 14,000sqm former industrial building close to the TGV Midi railway station. Facilities will include a permanent laboratory, meeting rooms, exhibition spaces, recording studios and a café-restaurant.

The Egg does not yet have a website address, but ITCM will announce this when it becomes available.

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