Zibrant and Lenovo win gold at the SABRE Awards EMEA 2016 for “The Berlin Launch”

Zibrant and Lenovo win gold at the SABRE Awards EMEA 2016 for “The Berlin Launch”
Zibrant and Lenovo have been awarded gold for the best Trade Show at the SABRE Awards EMEA 2016. The awards recognise superior achievement in branding reputation and engagement and attract more than 2,000 entries from across the EMEA region each year.

“The Berlin Launch” saw Lenovo, for the first time ever, host its own pre-show event in the days leading up to IFA 2015, the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. It was the largest event and trade show by the company in the EMEA region, as well as the first time promoting their new identity to this audience.  

Over 700 guests, including more than 500 global media, influencers and fans, as well as 200 senior Lenovo executives, attended the event where Lenovo revealed its 10 latest innovations.  

Beyond presenting to the audience on the central stage, the venue revealed an open plan set up with each of the unveiled products available for attendees to experience first-hand. From product specific environments, to spotlight lit areas and tables, products were set-up to be engaged with, filmed, photographed and shared in new ways.  

Approaching IFA 2015 with this new, innovative and disruptive identity and brand allowed Lenovo to achieve the company’s best media and social results for any EMEA based event or trade show with over 12 million social media engagements and more than 3,200 pieces of media coverage.   

Mark Rose, Strategic Client Director at Zibrant, commented: “The creative execution of “The Berlin Launch” was incredibly successful and allowed us to showcase Lenovo’s latest innovations to media, influencers and fans alike, in new and engaging ways. We are delighted to have been awarded a Gold SABRE and are looking forward to working with Lenovo again on their worldwide launch in Berlin later this year.”  

Adrien Vincent, Senior Global Events Manager at Lenovo, added: “With the support of Zibrant, we created an outstanding event, allowing Lenovo to launch our products in a new and creative way.”

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