Warwick Conferences wins IAAC European Innovations Award

Warwick Conferences has been awarded the IACC ‘European Innovations Award’ for its most recent immersive digital campaign for its ground-breaking new venue The Slate.   
Launched in June 2016, phase one of Warwick Conference’s marketing campaign began with a digital fly-through showcase of The Slate highlighting the distinct nature of the venue, its unique flexibility, practical layouts and added-value options available to meet all types of customer need.

The second phase of the campaign specifically targeted different sectors with individually tailored versions of the fly-through, followed by a short videos focussed on Warwick Conferences’ core strengths and values. The targeted nature of the second phase meant sales teams were able to integrate ‘virtual show rounds’ into the existing sales journey and, as a result, 92% of those who received the film watched from start to finish.  

Warwick Conferences fought off fierce international competition for the award at IACC’s Knowledge Festival and were commended for their industry-specific innovation. The fly-through video is an efficient sales resource designed to inspire the client with its capabilities, but has also created an engaging and unique solution for both time-poor and international clients who may not be able to physically visit the venue.   

Richard Harrison, Head of Conference Centres, said: “Given the tangible nature of our product, it is hugely important that our event spaces spark inspiration, conversation and creation among delegates. It is no longer as simple as offering a meeting space that satisfies high volumes of people; it is about establishing an emotional connection between guests in an environment that encourages creativity and collaboration.”  

“We are delighted that such a globally esteemed and professional association have recognised the innovative nature of our campaign and our efforts to create a digital culture surrounding the venue experience. By offering the audience an opportunity to fully engage with the unique offering of The Slate, we were seeking to trigger an emotive spark that brought the venue and the experience to life, whilst maximising our reach and peaking interest among potential clients.”