The stand-out venues of 2017

Research agency BDRC announces 2017 VenueVerdict winners
The best venue managers recognise the importance of great customer experience.  That is why so many choose to participate in a research programme that gives them regular feedback on how they perform and compare with their competitors. 

BDRC’s research programme for the MICE industry, VenueVerdict, gives participating venues direct access to the experiences of meeting planners.  An online platform reviews all aspects of the planner’s experience, such as initial enquiry handling and the quality of catering. At the end of each year, BDRC announces the crème-de-la-crème of the participating venues in their annual awards.  Participants in 2017 ranged from hotels, meeting venues and conference centres to stadia and serviced offices.

The VenueVerdict awards are determined entirely by the voice of the customer and based on the meeting experience.  Unlike the traditional awards setup of an exclusive judging panel, these awards are based on feedback scores from business event hosts who reviewed their experience at participating venues in the last year.  

The following awards are given to venues and groups which represent the top scorers in their categories, and are based on Net Promoter Score (NPS) results from the VenueVerdict assessment at the end of 2017:

Group Awards
  • No. 1 Small & Mid-Sized Group (3-14 properties)   -   Winner: EEF Venues
• No.1 Large Group (15+ properties)   -   Winner: LHM UK
• Gold Standard Group Award   -   Winner: LHM UK
• Best Value for Money Venue Group   -   Winner: EEF Venues

Venue Awards • No.1 Conference Centre   -   Winner: Engineers' House (EEF Venues)
• No.1 Hotel   -   Winner: Holiday Inn Guildford (LHM UK)
• No.1 Sporting Venue   -   Winner: Lord’s
• No.1 Venue Overall   -   Winner: Engineers' House (EEF Venues)

Natalie Wiseman, Client Services Manager at BDRC, commented, "In an ever-evolving industry with a great deal of competition, it’s imperative that venues stand out from their rivals. The VenueVerdict awards and accreditations highlight venues doing just that. Subscribers demonstrate their commitment to their customers, welcoming feedback and taking action on any potential service gaps. In turn, these customers have helped to pick out the venues which are at the top of their game and I’m delighted to announce the 2017 year-end winners; my congratulations go to all those who have put in hard work in order to achieve this recognition." 

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