The Bristol wins Green Business of the Year 
at the Business Leader Awards 2017

The Bristol team with award
The Bristol was named “Green Business of the Year” at the Business Leader Awards 2017, the most prestigious and celebrated business event of the year in South West England, which took place at Bristol’s Ashton Gate stadium last Thursday (28 September).

The “Green Business of the Year” award was open to companies that could demonstrate a successful commitment to managing their social, environmental and financial obligations, with judges looking for:
▪ evidence of ethical leadership and stakeholder engagement
▪ clear environmental systems and efficiencies
▪ full assessment of the environmental and social impact of the products and resources they use and produce throughout the lifecycle
▪ strong financial and commercial performance, and
▪ sustainable schemes that have been successfully launched.

The Bristol was the only hotel entrant in the Green category and is extremely proud of its green credentials. Four years’ ago, The Bristol established a “Green Team” to focus on reducing its carbon footprint. New boilers and lifts were installed and general waste has been reduced from 60% to 37%, with 100% of waste being diverted from landfill. The environmentally friendly approach hasn’t affected business, however, as The Bristol has an annual turnover of £10 million and year-on-year growth of 5-7%.

In 2014, it became the first hotel in Bristol to secure TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Bronze status after it introduced a “Go Green Scheme”, which encouraged staff to get on their bikes to get to work, as well as to consider the environment in other ways, such as reducing energy, water and general wastage by turning off equipment and back of house lights when not in use, and recycling as much as possible, such as paper, card, glass, lamps, batteries, waste oil and waste food. 

At the hotel’s second assessment in 2015, The Bristol gained TripAdvisor Gold status and, in the same year, achieved a ‘Silver’ rating in the Green Tourism Business Scheme; the property is currently aiming for a ‘Gold’ rating in its next audit.

The Bristol; members of the “Green Team” celebrating their win with host Jeremy Vine In keeping with the corporate policy of continuous improvement promoted by parent company, the Doyle Collection, The Bristol also encourages participation to educate associates and guests in sustainable business best practices and support positive action in the community wherever possible.  

For example, The Bristol:
-         works with suppliers who have good environmental policies to reduce packaging waste and improve the environmental impact of all products purchased.
-         openly communicates its policies and best practices to stakeholders and the public, while monitoring and reviewing its environmental performance annually.
-         provides a happy and healthy working environment that enhances the wellbeing of its employees, guests and the natural environment.  

This commitment to being green can be found everywhere in the hotel, including in the lifts, which require less energy than the amount required to power your household kettle! In fact, by using the lifts guests are actually help to generate energy, which is then fed back into the hotel’s internal electrical grid, where it can be used for other devices, such as boiling a kettle or using the Nespresso machine in a guest room!  

Just under 600 people, including the most prominent business figures in the region, attended the Business Leader Awards 2017 to see the winners named in 15 different categories. In excess of 200 entries were submitted and then judged by an independent panel of sector specialists. BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine hosted the awards.  

The Bristol’s General Manager Mark Payne said, “I am thrilled to accept these awards on behalf of all the staff at The Bristol, but particularly the ‘Green Team’ who have invested a great deal of time into making small but tangible gains for the property every month. Through their efforts, reducing energy consumption has resulted in significant savings on our energy bills. For example, replacing one Halogen light bulb with an LED light bulb saves £90 per year; when you factor in that the Meetings and Events Lounge has 72 light bulbs, the saving becomes significant. It is great to see their hard work recognised by the business world”

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