Roger Tondeur wins the 2018 Xaver Lifetime Achievement Award

Roger Tondeur
Growing up in Zurich in the 1960s, Roger Tondeur is a perfect example of a man who listens to his true calling and gets fascinated by the promise of new beginnings and new possibilities. Following the footsteps of other famous entrepreneurs of our times, he chose to put his formal education on hold in exchange for a hand- on experience with event management. As a young man, he got involved with organising free concerts in Paris, helping promising alternative artists to connect with their audiences and marketing their products.

He returned to Switzerland with his young family in the early 1980s and started working for a major travel agency, gaining expertise in congress organization and building on his leadership skills. It was during that period when he conceived the idea of creating MCI. Soon after, he made it the project of his life to transform this small sized company into a multinational leader in its field. Founded in 1987 with the vision of creating strong connections between real people, in real places, in real time, the company applies a series of strategic engagement and activation solutions to build unforgettable online and offline experiences with impactful conferences, congresses and memorable meetings, events and incentives.  

This ambition is clearly depicted on the set of values his company advocates for. Thanks to his ethic, loyalty and engagement capabilities, he has gathered a fantastic team around him who has been helping him make his vision and dreams a reality. MCI’s brand value proposition is found on a very simple human insight – “We believe when people come together, magic happens”. This is our company’s DNA, and core characteristic of Roger’s personality, a trait that all MCI employees carry in their daily work and hearts.

Our commitment towards enhancing the strategic and economic impact of our clients’ events around the world remains at the center of our business. Delivering memorable customer experiences is becoming a key business opportunity and as industry leaders, we aim at applying our strategic solutions to build experiences that foster change, inspire and educate audiences and enhance our clients’ business performance for the years to come.

Today, MCI is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and boasts a true global presence. Celebrating over 30 years in the business, it now has 61 owned offices in 30 countries and 10 international partnerships. More than 2,300 employees are working closely with international corporate and association clients from different industries and deliver approximately 6,000 projects around 80 countries per year. Sebastien Tondeur, Roger’s son, became the company’s CEO in 2010 and continues his father legacy.

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