Restaurant Nathan Outlaw named best restaurant in the UK by the Good Food Guide

Nathan Outlaw
Nathan wins another prestigious title one year after opening his first overseas restaurant in Dubai
Restaurant Nathan Outlaw has been named the best restaurant in the UK according to the Good Food Guide. This two-start Michelin-star restaurant located overlooking the Cornish coastline, toppled L’Enclume, which held the top spot for four years.

But you don’t need to travel to Cornwall and endure the hour-long traffic jams to have a taste of Nathan Outlaw… It’s nearly as quick to travel to Dubai where its certainly easier to get a table at Nathan Outlaw Al Mahara, the recently opened restaurant at the iconic 7-star Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.

The menu is diverse and unique with each dish created specifically for Burj Al Arab.

Using the very best ingredients from all over the world, including oysters from Cornwall, UK, his home county, Nathan lets the food do the talking. Key dishes include Lobster Risotto, Crispy Cooked Oysters with Caviar, Raw Scallops and Citrus Cured Brill.   With the likes of Jason Atherton and Gordon Ramsay also ranking highly in this year’s Good Food Guide and taking up international outposts in Dubai, it really seems like this is go-to destination for the UK's best chefs.