North East Woman Debrah Dhugga makes The Northern Power Women's Top 50 Power List 2016

Debrah Dhugga

Dhugga is honoured for her positive influence on equality and women in the workplace

DUKES HOTELS, are proud to announce the naming of its Managing Director, Debrah Dhugga, on the Northern Power Women’s Top 50 List 2016. The Northern Power Women Awards, that took place on Thursday 3rd March in The Hilton Hotel, Manchester, were established as part of a campaign to improve gender diversity in the North of England. A born and bred Geordie who still calls Northumberland home, Debrah has been recognised as a trailblazer and leader in making a positive impact in the workplace on behalf of the Northern community.

Launched in 2015, the Northern Power Women campaign aims to increase opportunities for women to drive economic growth and positive change, by working alongside businesses, universities, and government bodies. The campaign plans to engage both women and men in business as agents of change, and to create opportunities for business and individuals to engage, learn, and promote their achievements as campaign champions and advocates. Names on the Top 50 Power List are recognised for their endeavours to challenge the norm and to ensure that everyone they work with recognises the benefit of a gender-balanced workplace. These business leaders create modern and flexible workplaces and business practices that see everyone in their company thrive.  

This title marks yet another achievement for DUKES and a professional milestone for Debrah Dhugga. Throughout her career in hospitality, which began in the North East before moving down to the capital, Debrah has used her position to support and help others. Debrah takes great pride in being a mentor to many young managers in the hospitality and small boutique hotel industry. In taking the DUKES brand to Dubai this September, Debrah will be hiring another 500 staff, encouraging employees to start a new career and way of life in the hospitality industry in the UAE. In this way, Debrah continues to show her support for future talent from all backgrounds, gender or race, and enjoys sharing her passion for working in the hospitality industry as a career, not just a job and encourages people to think about the industry.  

Speaking about the Northern Power Women campaign, Debrah said “It is an honour to be named on this list, both as a professional achievement, but also a personal recognition. I have long-since believed in generating richness and quality of ideas through diversity in the board room. In my opinion, not having an all-male environment often creates a better managed company that is making more informed decisions with a greater understanding of the needs of its customers and workforce. Having forged my career in the North of England, and remaining one of the few female MDs of a London hotel, I feel I have a special connection to fellow women in the North, and wish to be a key role model in the continued aim for gender balance in the hospitality industry.  This recognition only serves to further encourage me on this path!”

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