Nick Troubetzkoy, designer and owner of Jade Mountain, honoured by Government of St. Lucia

Nick Troubetzkoy, a visionary champion of excellence in the Caribbean hospitality sector has been awarded The Saint Lucia Medal of Honour (Gold) by the Government of St Lucia.
Mr. Troubetzkoy is the owner and designer of the world famous hotels in St Lucia, Jade Mountain and neighbouring Anse Chastanet. The twin resorts often appear on lists of the world’s most exclusive properties.

As part of Independence Day honours on 22nd February 2015, Governor General Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy, as Chancellor of the National Societies of Honour, awarded The Saint Lucia Medal of Honour (Gold) to Nick Peter Troubetzkoy for his outstanding contribution to the development of the tourism industry in St. Lucia.

Focused on providing a unique, world-class experience, Troubetzkoy has always wanted to create a luxury experience that is also genuinely St. Lucian. Evidence of his deep appreciation for the island’s beauty and culture can be seen in the original local artwork prominently displayed throughout Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain, as well as the resorts’ many activities that feature chocolate made from organic raw cacao, grown locally at the neighbouring Emerald Estate, which also provides locally grown, organic produce to the resorts’ kitchens.

Troubetzkoy aims to keep the economic benefits of his success on island by investing in the community and by providing training for St. Lucians. “There is an immense pool of talent here and I wanted to ensure that the enormous amount of skill could be put into a resort which they could feel well connected to,” he said.

Since 1974, Troubetzkoy has been a deeply engaged member of the St. Lucian community. Originally from British Columbia, he eventually became a St Lucian citizen. He has continued to play an important role in the creation of the Soufrière Foundation as well as the Soufrière Marine Management Authority, which conserves the fragile reefs and coastal waters.

Troubetzkoy believes that St. Lucia as a destination still has much development potential and he hopes to continue giving back to the community. His dedication to the conservation of ecosystems when creating responsible tourism structures occurred at a time when the concept of sustainable tourism was just emerging.

More than a thousand local craftsmen and labourers helped to create Jade Mountain, which opened in 2006 and had an enormous impact on the community of Soufrière, providing long-term economic stability in one of the lesser developed areas of St. Lucia.

The combined staff of Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain is in excess of 500 people, and many hundreds more have worked for varying periods of time over the decades, especially during phases of construction and property enhancements.

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