London’s Georgian House is a Wellness Award Finalist in inaugural Employee Engagement Awards

The Georgian House, a four star family run boutique hotel in central London, has been announced as a finalist in the Wellness Award category for The Employee Engagement Awards (EE Awards). The awards, in their first year, officially recognise businesses across the UK that strive to do things differently and put their workforce at the heart of their operations.

The Wellness Award will be given to the organisation able to provide the most compelling evidence that their strategy for health and wellbeing in the workplace not only works, but has also created a clear and measurable return on investment and increased employee engagement. Judges will be looking for clear, measurable outcomes but also an innovative strategy and execution that may include uses of reward and recognition, internal communications, wellness and flexible working.

High on the agenda at the Georgian House is the welfare and happiness of its employees with the management all taking a strong interest in employee development and nurturing hospitality talent. This culture has resulted in low staff turnover and a fiercely loyal team of professionals who ensure the hotel’s service and customer experience are consistently excellent.

Serena von der Heyde, general manager and owner of the Georgian House, said, “We are delighted to have been shortlisted as a finalist for the Wellness Award. Staff satisfaction is one of the key elements that make up the core of our hotel. To offer exceptional customer service to our guests, my team need to be happy in their positions, feel empowered to make a real difference to our customers and know that their hard work and passion are the cornerstones of the business.

“Through initiatives such as our staff happiness survey, which formed the foundation and strategy of monthly training sessions, I have ensured the team have a voice within the hotel. Our staff training sessions cover a broad range of topics including body language, communication, the customer journey and the power of friendships in the workplace, all of which encourage the staff to communicate better, build stronger working relationships and ultimately lead to a higher level of job satisfaction and performance.”

Matt Manners, managing director, The Employee Engagement Awards, added, “We are excited by the calibre of businesses and finalists we have in our first year. Each (in their own way) is an example to every other business in the UK that aspires to engage better with their employees and realise the extensive pay-off, such as happier employees, deeper bonds of loyalty, greater efficiency, better wellbeing and providing an enhanced customer experience. To say I am excited to see who wins each category come January is an understatement.”

Results of the inaugural EE Awards will be revealed on 28th January 2015 at a ceremony being held at The Brewery, London.

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