Industry wide award to drive better digital standards in meeting venues

As the deadline (29th February) approaches for the 2016 Global Digital Infrastructure Award, entries from leading meeting venues are expected. The award has been brought to you by a partnership of leading international experts in the meetings industry. It serves to celebrate and inspire change in the digital infrastructure and services made available in meeting venues around the world. Entries are invited from two venue categories: Convention Centres and Convention Hotels.

Roslyn McLeod, INCON Co Chair reiterated: "INCON looks forward to receive entries for this year’s award and encourages all venues to review the best practice case study from previous winners MCEC and Darmstadtium."

Award judge Bob Heile explains: "just having the right equipment is not enough - how to configure and organise it is the secret to success." Bob is founding member of the ZigBee Alliance, having effectively written the rule book for wireless standards. He is involved in more than six different conferences on WIFI and digital communications annually where he tests at first hand the quality of digital communications in venues across the globe. Bob together with an international panel of judges will review the nominations and the winners will be announced at IMEX Frankfurt in April 2016.

The award was spearheaded by INCON, itself a formidable force in the industry bringing together the world’s leading conference organisers, event and association management companies. The partnership covers 170 destinations, employs a total of 3,000 staff and manages budgets in excess of €1 billion. The global award is encouraging the development of best in class Digital Infrastructure in meetings venues around the world.  Now in its third year, INCON has teamed up with a broad coalition of strategic partners to support the development and promotion of the global award. The partners include: IACC, ICCA, Best Cities, IMEX and the International Media Review.  

An application can be completed from the INCON website: There is no entry fee. All it takes for a venue to be considered is to fill in an application with full details about your venue and return it by 29th February 2016.