Eco Destination Management Services honoured with SITE Crystal Award

Eco Destination Management Services of Aruba and Curacao was recognized by Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) with a Crystal Award for Excellence in Incentive Travel: Latin America & Caribbean at the Crystal Awards Recognition Ceremony held during SITE Global Conference 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Considered the highest honor in the Incentive Travel industry, SITE Crystal Awards recognize creative, practical, and truly memorable incentive programs that not only keep employees engaged, but also drive business results and improve a business' bottom line.

“As the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence it’s only fitting that we have our own reward and recognition program to highlight excellence in incentive travel. The Crystal Awards program is a long-standing SITE tradition, part of our association since 1980 and a hotly contested, much anticipated annual event. It confers the highest honor in our industry to incentive travel professionals who have clearly demonstrated how incentive travel leads to business results,” commented SITE President 2018, Annamaria Ruffini, CIS, CITP, CMP.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, ECO DMS incorporated a one-of-a-kind incentive program that truly raised the bar. A yearlong countdown of special monthly events culminated in a fantastic, hosted experience in its island destination to thank the company’s top 30 clients for their support.

Highlights included authentic and cultural experiences such as an extravagant Carnival parade, a cooking class, a painting class with a local artist, an off-road UTV excursion, a luxury snorkel sail and a fun, educational CSR event to give back to the community. The

event culminated with an awards gala for 350 local and international attendees and government officials, filled with surprises.

“We are proud to receive a SITE Crystal Award for the ECO DMS 30th Anniversary celebration. What was originally planned as a one-night event, became a celebration spread out over 12-months,” commented Maoreen Every, CIS, CITP, DMCP, managing director and COO.

“In the end, the 5-day celebration was an extraordinary way to recognize everyone that had made, and continues to make, ECO DMS a success story; all while giving thanks for the past 30-years, as well as embracing the world of possibilities for the next 30-years,” commented Wichita Villacres, CIS, president and CEO.

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