drp Group CEO named M&IT Awards Industry Personality of the Year  

Dale Parmenter, drp Group CEO
Dale Parmenter, drp Group CEO has been named the M&IT Awards Industry Personality of the year for 2015. The award was presented to Dale in front of more than 1,100 of the industry’s top professionals during a gala dinner and awards presentation at Battersea Evolution.  The M&IT Awards 2015, hosted by Matt Dawson MBE, awarded Dale the prize which saw him join the ranks of previous winners Carole McKeller, Rob Allen, Richard Foulkes and other key industry figures recognised in the past decade by this prestigious accolade.

The award seeks to highlight the exceptional work that an individual has carried out over the past year to create success for their business but even more importantly, for the industry as a whole. In 2014, Dale oversaw the merger between IVCA and Eventia, creating EVCOM, an association dedicated to supporting the communications industry. Dale has also championed CSR and sustainability across the industry through internal initiatives and in his role as Chair of EVCOM. Dale has also championed training and apprenticeship programmes within drp, placing a real focus on the future talent which will support our industry for years to come. Dale was also named the Institute of Directors West Midlands Director of the Year in 2014, further recognising his exceptional work. 

“I’m truly humbled to be named M&IT’s Personality of the year and I thank the industry for considering me for this prestigious award.” Says Group CEO Dale. “What’s great about this prize is that it’s voted for by my industry peers so it means a lot that they’ve considered my work over the past year worthy of this recognition. This is really an award shared by the entire drpteam for their dedication throughout 2014. We all know it’s not easy to ask your team to give up their free time to support CSR initiatives, focus on the environmental challenges facing our industry and train the next generation of talent but all the drppossiblers have supported every intuitive I’ve driven and without the team, none of them would have come to fruition and someone else would be collecting this prize.”

One way in which Dale and the drpteam support the industry is through the M&IT Charity Meetings Industry Meeting Needs (MIMN). “Throughout our 35th year we will be supporting a number of charities and initiatives but MIMN is a key charitable partner for our 35th.” Commented Dale. “We’ll be running a number of activities throughout the year which will contribute to our MIMN donation and people can visit our 35th website www.thepossiblers.com to see some of our charitable challenges as they appear throughout the year.”

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