Corporate Travel Management wins the GTMC/Travelport Award

GTMC Miami 2016
Travelport, a leading Travel Commerce Platform, congratulates Corporate Travel Management (CTM) for winning the GTMC Innovation Award, in association with Travelport. This accolade recognises travel management companies which design original technology which enhances productivity and delivers greater efficiency for customers.

The award has recognised CTM’s Smart technology suite, an ‘eco-platform’ consisting of 10 interconnected mobile-enabled business travel tools and software applications, ranging from pre-trip approval, fare forecasting and booking to traveller tracking and a business intelligence reporting suite. One single sign-in, Smart Portal, is the gateway to these intuitive products (Smart Approve, Smart Tracker, Smart Risk, Smart Taxi, Smart Data, Smart Profile, Smart Forecaster, Smart Booking, Smart Link, and Smart Trip) which can be customised for use by travel managers, travel bookers or travellers in companies of any size.  

Jon Smiles, European Product Manager for Corporate Travel Management said: “We are delighted to be named as a GTMC Travelport Innovation award winner and this achievement is testament to the hard work that the team has put into making CTM Smart such a valuable tool.  Our innovative approach to developing and tailoring our technology to the end user has given us a strong solution catering to the travel manager, travel booker and traveller. Smart works on any device, for any company size, globally.”  

Paul Wait, CEO of the GTMC, said: “I am honoured to present our sixth Innovation award to Corporate Travel Management for the creation of a unique tool that serves the traveller, the booker and the travel manager which is a fantastic achievement. CTM has well and truly earned this accolade and I wish the team many congratulations on behalf of the GTMC.”  

Paul Broughton, Managing Director, UK & Ireland at Travelport, said: “I wish to offer our congratulations to Corporate Travel Management for winning this prestigious award which is specifically recognising the company’s innovative CTM Smart tool. Corporate Travel Management is the sixth Innovation award winner and we are pleased to continue recognising TMCs that are designing original technology which enhances productivity and customer service.”

The award ceremony took place at the GTMC Conference in Marco Island, Florida, on 18th May 2016.

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