BEA Italia awards AIM Group in Sports Event category

Over 500 people attended the awards ceremony of Bea Italia 2014, which like every year has rewarded the excellence of the Italian event industry, with the delivery of the much sought-after prizes. The award ceremony of Bea Italia 2014 ended in glory at the Bea Expo Festival, held at Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan, on Monday, 17th November.

This year there were 107 events competing, of which 54 have been shortlisted and as a result of the online voting and the jury’s comments, AIM Group International has been awarded with the second place for "Best Sport Event", with the event organization during the final of the UEFA Champions League for UniCredit.

AIM Group Lisbon Office was the official DMC of one of UEFA’s Main Sponsors - UniCredit.

AIM Group organized UniCredit’s guest management and the further put together a special event for UniCredit’s guests designed as a treat along the Champions League Final, held on the 24th of May at the Estádio da Luz.

AIM Group’s Team managed 1200 guests, a total of 33 buses, 28 minivans and 140 staff members, just at the Stadium alone, over 500 transfers, 11 side events and an extravagant gala dinner at one of Lisbon’s most prestigious palaces - the Queluz Palace, being the place where the guests to the Portuguese Government are usually received.

The theme around the main UniCredit event was “Discover the Stars”. The highlight of the event- besides the Champions league final itself - was doubtlessly the gala dinner. An unique show was created that included the projection of a unique video on the Palace’s main façades as well as the production of a show with approximately 15 actors taking the guests on a journey into Portuguese history. By performing a lively and colourful choreography symbolically interpreting the courageous Portuguese discoveries the motto “Discover the Stars” was beautifully linked to the heydays of Portugal’s history, giving the destination’s colours to the whole event.

The overall event in itself was very complex from a logistical point of view due to the large amount of guests and services and especially because AIM’s team was dealing with a major sports final and all of the difficulties and restraints that this implies.

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