Announcing a new national showcase celebrating excellence & exceptional quality in UK venues …

National Venue Awards 11th May | Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester
The team behind the successful London Venue Awards, GCN Events, are delighted to announce the chance for all venues up and down the country to pick up their own hotly contested accolade – the National Venue Awards.

Held at the Emirates Old Trafford in Manchester these awards will provide a sought after and fought after laurel for venues to showcase the excellence of their facilities, the creativity of their customer-facing teams and the exceptional quality of their overall service.   

The comprehensive categories allow plenty of scope for every type of venue whether they be historic, modern, museum, university, evening, sporting, outdoor, rural, urban, wedding-oriented or meeting-room focused.   

Rory Ross-Russell joint-founder of GCN Events, says “The London Venue Awards have been such a success it’s only fair that venues from outside the capital also get the chance to compete for an industry award that recognises their excellence and rewards them for the exceptional quality they provide to customers.  Moreover, awards are a great benchmarking tool for any sector and we look forward to being able to showcase all the many examples of award-winning innovation and creativity that occur in this fast-paced and versatile industry.”  

So far the National Venue Awards has been met with an enthusiastic reception not least from our influential panel of notable judges drawn from both sides of the industry including individual venues, chains and corporate venue buyers. The deadline for entries is 15th December.

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