AECC globally recognised in client nominated awards

Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre (AECC) are proud to have been announced as the only UK venue to be nominated in the global AIPC Apex Awards for “Best Client Rated Convention Centre”.  
Announced earlier this month at the AIPC International Conference in Nantes, the finalist list at the 2016 AIPC Apex Awards for the “Best Client Rated Convention Centre” featured AECC as the only UK venue recognised; alongside 14 venues from all over the world, including Australia, Hawaii, Hong Kong and South Africa.f the paint, several streets in the city centre now boast an eye-catching exterior.

This prestigious Awards process, which has been maintained by the International Association of Convention Centres (AIPC) for over 20 years, owes its prominence to the fact that competitors are appraised entirely on the basis of client ratings; assessed by the global market research company Ipsos.  

The biennial AIPC Apex Award recognises achievement in high quality customer service and facility management, and serves as a means of measuring performance in convention centre management.  

AIPC President Geoff Donaghy noted that the AIPC Apex Award is based on an extensive analysis of customer input via detailed surveys, and reflects an unbiased picture of a centre’s performance as seen through the eyes of its customers.  

“The Apex Award analysis is an extensive one that is able to make the distinctions that separate even the highest performing centres and covers a range of categories including facilities, project management, customer relations, catering, creativity and technology ," said Donaghy. "With almost 1,000 client assessments going into this year’s award, we are able to clearly distinguish the factors that are generally most important to clients in their determination of centre performance, which gives our members an additional insight to drive performance.  

“We truly feel that everyone is a winner in this process, as the AIPC Apex Award process goes far beyond simply identifying the winners and in fact creates important information and insights that drive overall centre performance. These insights can be and are in fact used to great advantage to all entrants to advance their products".  

Interim Managing Director at AECC, Graeme Cumming, commented: “It is excellent that AECC and Aberdeen have been recognised at this year’s AIPC Apex Awards.  We were delighted to have been nominated by our clients and to have been ranked so highly as a venue and destination for global events.  We take great pride in our business and this award certainly reinforces the work that we do to continually attract business to the region.”

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