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RAI Amsterdam focuses on sustainability on Global Exhibitions Day

RAI Amsterdam
RAI Amsterdam marked Global Exhibitions Day on Wednesday 5 June by sharing tips with organisers on how to make their events more socially relevant. As the RAI’s CSR Manager Stephanie Mathas explains in the latest RAI blog, events often have more value than is immediately obvious: knowledge, space and materials can be used to greater effect than planned, without large additional investments.

Consciously looking for issues that are relevant to society as a whole and responding to them with an event can have a far greater positive impact.

Organisers who consider their event in a broad perspective will have a significant social impact outside their immediate target groups. The results are good for the world while also resulting in additional appreciation from all stakeholders. This in turn is beneficial to the continuity of an event and often provides new ways of looking at things, further enriching the content.

RAI Amsterdam’s various experts regularly share their knowledge via blogs in the Newsroom on Other recent examples include:

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• Innovation in visitor experience: how to make visitors content while collecting important data • Be your own innovation driver: organise a hackathon
• What event organisers can learn from the Huishoudbeurs
• How to increase ROI for exhibitors

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