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TECHNOLOGY ATTRACTION seminar will explore the development of plant technologies at Fruit Attraction

The seminar will take place on Thursday, 6 October from 12 noon to 14.00 at the Fruit Forum in Hall 7 at Feria de Madrid.

Gathering leading representatives of Spanish R&D in fruit and vegetable production, sharing the characteristics of the current technological revolution in plant biology, highlighting the possibilities that technology lends to plant production, and promoting technological development in the agri-food sector through the public-private collaboration are the main objectives of the seminar.

“TECHNOLOGY ATTRACTION: the future of technology in plants", will be held in the framework of the technical seminars at FRUIT ATTRACTION, whose eighth edition will take place from 5 to 7 October at Feria de Madrid.

The seminar will be held on Thursday, 6 October from noon to 14.00 in the Fruit Forum space in Hall 7, and will mainly feature talks by representatives from universities, science and business.

The first presentation will be entitled “Science: Technological revolution and new tools in Plant Biology” by Gabino Sánchez-Pérez from Plant Research International at Wageningen University. The second will look at “Business: Trends in food production R&D. Technological needs and demands from the food production sector” by Jorge Jordana Butticaz de Pozas. The third will explore themes such as “Context: present and future of plant production. Legislative framework and future market demands”, by Luis González Vaqué. This will be followed by another speech, “Biovegen, as a catalyst for the R&D project”, from Gonzaga Ruiz de Guana Gutiérrez from Biovegen, Technology Platform for Plant Biotechnology.

Biovegen’s Ordinary General Assembly will take place before this extensive, intensive Seminar, also on 6 October at 10:00.

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