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#messuhack creates next-generation digital services for the customers of Messukeskus Helsinki

Messukeskus is thinking up new kinds of digital services for its customers by organising the first Messukeskus hackathon, #messuhack, from 4 to 7 August. The aim of the #messuhack event is to create truly useful digital services and applications for the customers of Messukeskus. 

The hackathon is an intense event, where the participants are offered interesting challenges, room to think and a chance to invent fresh solutions. The #messuhack participants turn fair media around with fresh eyes and look at it from new angles.

The agile development sprint seeks to find technical solutions to the customers’ real digital needs – or even better, solutions to needs that might not be even recognised without the hackathon.

Participants excited about fair media with the abilities and the enthusiasm to develop next-generation digital services alongside touchpoint media are invited to the event. The first #messuhack takes place in the middle of the digital pulse of the ASSEMBLY Summer 16 event, which is held at the same time at Messukeskus (4–7 August). #messuhack is directed by Avanto Ventures, a company specialised in start-up consulting.

“We are very excited to organise the first #messuhack as the partner of Messukeskus. Finland has one of the leading start-up ecosystems in the world, and large companies are not taking nearly enough advantage of it. As for start-ups, hackathons are excellent opportunities for showcasing their expertise and developing new customer relationships,” says Partner Antti Rantanen, Avanto Ventures.

Messukeskus is having a year of great digital leaps
During the year, Messukeskus has opened several new digital services for its customers. Their own mobile application was built to enrich touchpoint media, and more than 14,000 users have already embraced it. This spring Messukeskus completely overhauled its website, and the latest new feature is the service for corporate customers in the mobile era that was opened in April. Messukeskus’ new digital offerings also include the online shop that was opened a little over a year ago.

Online ticket sales immediately started to grow rapidly. Out of the fair tickets of the spring of 2016, more than 30 per cent were already sold online, while the corresponding number for the previous year was 23 per cent. While opening new services, Messukeskus has also significantly improved data connections on its premises, extending the wireless network to cover all parts of Messukeskus.

Last year, 1.3 million visitors attended exhibitions, meetings, congresses and functions at Messukeskus. The aim is to offer them the best service possible, both digitally and on site.

“The new digital services combine real and digital encounters, simultaneously bringing these two rapidly growing media within the grasp of customers,” says Maria Mroue, Marketing and Communications Director of Messukeskus and the person behind the #messuhack idea.

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