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The opening of eMessukeskus service to complete the digital leap of Messukeskus Helsinki

Messukeskus has introduced a number of digital services for its customers over the course of a year. A dedicated mobile application and a fully revamped online service have been built to enrich touchpoint media. The latest addition is an e-service of the mobile era for corporate customers.

In April, Messukeskus released a completely revised corporate website at, and event pages are currently being built on the new platform. The new online service is faster and has a more visual appearance, and also opens smoothly on mobile devices. User-friendliness and browsing have been improved with effective search functions.

The mobile application, launched last autumn, provides direct access to key event information on mobile phones. The application has already been downloaded by nearly 14,000 users. The Messukeskus app shows the exhibiting companies, programmes, maps and services, helping fair-goers to find the most interesting stands and activities.

The application is available for iOS and Android devices. For corporate customers, the application, which uses Beacon and Bluetooth technology, makes it possible to send messages and special offers to fair-goers’ phones. Messages can also be used to collect contact information.

The digital leap of Messukeskus was completed yesterday with the launch of a new e-service, eMessukeskus.

eMessukeskus is a responsive service built by Messukeskus for its 10,000 annual corporate customers for managing everything related to fairs quickly and easily on the web or on mobile devices, at any time of the day. eMessukeskus contains information on fairs and fair attendance, and can be used for booking services, managing bookings, and publishing programme information and press releases. The pages also provide extensive information on stand design and construction, and services available at fairs.

The new service can be found at

Messukeskus has also significantly improved data connections on its premises, extending the wireless network to cover all parts of Messukeskus.

“The new digital services combine real and digital encounters, simultaneously bringing these two rapidly growing media within the grasp of customers,” says Maria Mroue, Marketing and Communications Director of Messukeskus.

“Building top services means not only having a great service attitude, but also working to improve the facilities, programme and digital services. The greatest strides this year have been made in digital services. In addition to digital projects, Messukeskus is continuously seeking new growth for the events business, and we will also continue to develop our fair- and exhibition-related media services by implementing 20 reforms requested by customers,” says Managing Director Anni Vepsäläinen. The Messukeskus app was built by mobile service provider Qvik and the website by Evermade. eMessukeskus was developed in collaboration with Exove.

Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre, promotes Finnish welfare, by enabling profitable face-to-face meetings in fairs, congresses and other events.

Exhibitions and fairs are Finland’s sixth largest media. In terms of effectiveness, they are the most profitable, the richest in experiences and the most social of all media. In 2015, Messukeskus organised 116 fair events and more than 1,500 meetings and congresses. These events attracted 9,300 companies and over 1.3 million visitors.

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