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Momad Metrópolis has welcomed more than 14,000 visitors in its first edition focused on Textiles and Accessories

MOMAD Metrópolis, International Textile and Accessories Show, the first one focused on Clothing and Accessories, closed its doors with a reasonably good outcome. Over three days, from 5 to 7 February, the event recorded 14,038 professional visits, of which 10.7% were international.

Specifically, the event was visited by over 1,500 foreign buyers. By country, the largest volume of visitors came from Portugal with 55% of the total, followed by Italy with 9%, France with 6.1%, Greece with 3.2%, Ireland with 2.5%, Andorra with 2.01% and Germany with 1.69%. The event also welcomed a significant number of Latin American and North American buyers, representing important retail outlet chains. Also impressive was the notable increase in the number of visitors from the Middle East, a geographical area included in the international buyers' programme organised by the event.    

In its first exclusive edition MOMAD Metrópolis boasted participation from 445 direct exhibitors and over 800 brands of Women's, Men's and Children's Fashion,  exhibiting their collections in 15,000 net square metres, 18% more space than in February 2015 when the event also included footwear.  

The good participation figures and high attendance confirm an excellent reception by the Clothing market of the new single-theme concept for the MOMAD Metrópolis event, focusing exclusively on textile collections and accessories. Furthermore, holding the event at the same time as the Intergift, Bisutex and MadridJoya events made Feria de Madrid the largest, most comprehensive display of fashion and trends anywhere in southern Europe. Professional visitors were treated to a première showcase of the latest in clothing, accessories, costume jewellery, jewellery, gifts and decoration that will set the trends for the next season.  

MOMAD Metrópolis has thus successfully set out on its new course, having become the major showcase for the Textile/Clothing market in the Iberian Peninsula and an essential promotional tool for the Fashion industry, tailored to the new reality demanded by the market.  

Major domestic and international brands
MOMAD Metrópolis February 2016 was the stage for presenting the new collections for the coming Autumn/Winter 2016/17 and Spring/Summer 2016 seasons. Among the companies taking part were big names from the national and international market like Alba Conde, The Extreme Collection, Uni Piu Uno, Morgana, Simorra, Roberto Verino, Almatrichi, Imperial, NKN Nekane, Matilde Cano, Zarpa, María Coca, Tiffosi, Petrol, Blend, Solid, Oky-Coky, Kookai, Guerral, Coronel Tapioca, Frime, Lang’s Fur, Escorpión, Vilagallo, Strena, Buffalo, Stella Rittwagen and Lollipops, among others. In the area of brands aimed at the youth market,  Lois Jeans, Victorio y Lucchino Denim, Bendorf, Double Agent, Lions of Porches, Jott, Fyord, Tiffosi, Brave Soul, Solid, Petrol Industries, Friday’s Project, Ichi, Blend, Losan and Coronel Tapioca stood out. In Leather and Fur, MOMAD Metrópolis also brought together the most representative companies of the sector, like Araújo, Corty Bennett, J&M, Saga Ibáñez, Blue Ribbon, Lorenzo Marchetti, Jesús Lorenzo para Groenlandia and Sánchez Palencia.  Accessory brands also featured at the event, represented by important names like Superchería, Parafina, Maltessa, S.T.A.M.P.S., Stella Rittwagen, Drap, Lauwood and Blover,amongst others.  

In children's fashion, MOMAD Kids put forward a package of fashion proposals for youngsters, notable for their innovation, craftsmanship and quality, with a strong emphasis on made in Spain. Featuring among the participating brands in the Little space were Cucú, Anguè Anguè, Clo&tilde, Corazón de León Kids, Kutuno, Maison Mangostán, Monkimono, Organic Zoo, Petite Indie, Pispiripispo, Ubang and Antimilk. Also worthy of note was the presence in MOMAD kids of the latest from Lion of Porches, Ada Gatty and Tiffosi infantil.  

Momad, supporting sustainable fashion
In the blossoming area of sustainable Fashion in Spain, this edition of MOMAD Metrópolis served as a starting point for a concept that will be increasingly important in future editions of the event. This sector's representation in this event was manifested in various activities aimed at informing and educating the professional about the concept of responsible fashion, and top-tier national brands and experts took part.. To help achieve all this, MOMAD had the support and collaboration of the main associations in the field of sustainable fashion, and of some of the most significant names from this field in Spain, such as Skunfunk, Ecoalf and El Naturalista. It is likely that these activities will grow in importance at future editions of the event, and they will also feature at the next edition of MOMAD Shoes, the International Footwear and Accessories Show to be held between 4 and 6 March in halls 6 and 8 of Feria de Madrid.  

Attractive programme of parallel activities
Alongside the commercial exhibition, MOMAD Metrópolis held a full programme of parallel activities which were much appreciated by the professional visitors. The MOMAD forum for instance, an area designed for technical knowledge, debate and information exchange, hosted interesting talks and round tables covering, amongst others, the potential of new technologies for the world of fashion. The growth of "pop-up" stores, e-commerce and responsible and sustainable fashion, and the implementation of WiFi tracking as a way to enhance the loyalty and commitment of customers, were some of the topics covered. Throughout the show there was an impressive flow of visitors following the programme of activities.   

Positive outcome for participating brands
The outcome of the first edition of MOMAD Metrópolis was, in broad terms, very positive for the exhibitors, and the vast majority indicated that their expectations had been exceeded. All the companies consulted were unanimous in mentioning the good commercial atmosphere at the event and the encouraging attitude of visiting buyers.  

Rafa Vilallonga, Sales Manager of Skunkfunk, highlighted the increase in sales at this edition, from both new and existing customers. “We have seen more professionals this year, and a more interesting customer profile”, he affirmed. Sandro Portela, Director of the Galician firm Oky-Coky,agreed. “Buyers have been more positive than other years, despite the winter campaigns being poor as a result of the weather. People are excited, and that shines through when they are buying their stock for next Winter”.  

This change in buyers' attitudes was also stressed by Jorge García of Extreme Collection.  “We're very happy. We've doubled sales compared to other editions - there's an obvious change of heart on the part of customers. What's more, as an exhibition the Fair itself has also improved, because we've seen an increased number of visitors, both domestic and international, as a result of the effort that's been made in bringing in new brands.”  An observation corroborated by Pablo Conde of the Galician firm Alba Conde, and Daniel Arroyabe, of Henry Arroway. Likewise, Carmen Ríos, of the brand Olimara, indicated her satisfaction with the results achieved in this edition, where “we've made a lot of new contacts, especially at the national level ”.  

The second edition of MOMAD Metrópolis will take place from 9 to 11 September at Feria de Madrid, to coincide in time and venue with MOMAD Shoes, as well as with Intergift, Bisutex and MadridJoya.

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