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Finlandia Hall generates the best profits in its 45-year history in 2015

Congress and event centre Finlandia Hall Ltd. produced a turnover of nearly EUR 8.8 million in the financial year 2015. Compared with 2014, their turnover increased by approximately EUR 1.1 million. Finlandia Hall will triple its profits compared with the EUR 168,000 from last year. This is a record return in the 45-year history of Finlandia Hall. The financial statement has not been confirmed yet.

According to Johanna Tolonen, Managing Director of Finlandia Hall, increasing sales and enhancing operations have contributed to their business success.

“Finlandia Hall has become the most diverse event centre in Finland in recent years. Our customers see us as the primary venue for their events. Last year, we increased sales extensively in terms of congresses, fairs, exhibitions, conferences, festivities and concerts. Moreover, companies and organisations are increasingly organising events that combine business with festivities. The adaptable facilities at Finlandia Hall are ideal for such events. A total of 766 different events were organised in Finlandia Hall last year,” says Tolonen.

The operations of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra were transferred to the new Helsinki Music Centre in autumn 2011. At the same time, Finlandia Hall completed its multipurpose facility Veranda, which provided a 10% increase in space starting in autumn 2011.

“After Helsinki Music Centre was completed, many wondered about the future of Finlandia Hall as an event centre. Our figures show that we have managed to increase our turnover in spite of the transfer of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. If we examine our business development over the past four years, we can see that Finlandia Hall has increased its turnover by approximately EUR 2 million,” says Tolonen.

Finlandia Hall has also estimated the impact of its operations on the economy of the City of Helsinki. The conference and culture customers of Finlandia Hall brought the city approximately EUR 46 million in 2015.

Energy efficiency yields hundreds of thousands in savings Finlandia Hall has enhanced its internal processes and operating methods, for example by developing contractual partnership management, the customer path, management systems and its organisational culture as well as energy efficiency.

“We have developed the energy efficiency of Finlandia Hall vigorously in the past five years. For example, we have reduced district heating consumption by 45% and electricity consumption by 30%. These renewals have accumulated cost savings worth hundreds of thousands of euros. Finlandia Hall’s investments in environmental affairs were awarded the international ISO 14001 environmental management certificate last August,” says Tolonen.

Last year, Finlandia Hall also renovated the audio and lighting technology of one of the largest concert halls in Finland, named Finlandia Hall, like the building.

Tolonen believes that Finlandia Hall will continue to see positive business development in 2016. The completion of the Töölönlahti Park in the spring offers Finlandia Hall the opportunity to utilise the park for customer events and to further develop café operations.

“Finlandia Hall will finally be completed after 45 years when the Töölönlahti side of the building, which was designated as the facade by Alvar Aalto, is provided a worthy environment. This also opens up new opportunities for our business development,” says Tolonen.

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