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Air Malta appoints Flight Directors as Sales Representatives in the UK

Joaquin Cabbie with Air Malta aircraft
Air Malta, the national flag carrier, has appointed Flight Directors as its trade sales representatives in the UK in order to promote the airline as the best way to travel to the popular Mediterranean islands.
This summer Air Malta will operate 30 flights a week between the UK and Malta from airports across the country including London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Exeter, Bristol and Cardiff.

Malta is already proving a popular destination as UK holidaymakers seek safe and familiar destinations in the Mediterranean. The warmth of the Maltese sun, the clarity of the Mediterranean Sea and the welcoming smiles of the Maltese people together with the islands’ safety have won the hearts of visitors for years.

“We are delighted to be working with Air Malta on this sales initiative,” says Vikki Joyce, Head Of Sales for Flight Directors. “The Maltese Islands are very popular destinations for British Tourists. The sun shines more than 300 days a year, there are ancient archaeological sites that pre-date the pyramids in Egypt, and it is a very safe destination. As with all the airlines we represent, we will be organising special agent familiarisation trips, so that agents can experience for themselves the warmth of the island and the friendliness of Air Malta service."

Ursula Silling, Air Malta’s Chief Commercial Officer added, "Air Malta is delighted to appoint Vikki and her team of sales professionals to promote our services throughout the UK. We have a great summer programme to promote and we're looking to extend our role as the airline of choice to the Maltese Islands that includes establishing the islands as a preferred year-round destination served by a strong schedule of winter flights. From balmy beaches and trendy nightclubs, to magnificent ancient monuments and a stunning legacy of centuries’ old art and culture, Malta has something for everyone to enjoy and is a little treasure at the heart of the Mediterranean. Air Malta offers the comforts of a full-service carrier, including free carriage of luggage, all at very competitive fares. And what more, our guests can enjoy the renowned Maltese hospitality already when they step on board".

Growing airline sales organisation, Flight Directors, has been established for over 30 years and has extensive experience in the representation of scheduled airlines from around the world.

As from May, Flight Directors is responsible for providing extensive field sales services to Air Malta, spearheading a personal-visit sales campaign; building on existing trade relationships and increasing ticket revenue from new agencies and operators keen to share in the upswing of demand for holidays in Malta.

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