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EL AL presents – Tastes of the World

 EL AL Tastes of the World
EL AL CEO David Maimon and Vice President Customer Service Yehudit EL AL Vice President Customer Service Yehudit Grisaro today introduced the new Business Class dinner menu for flights departing Israel, based on the "Tastes of the World" concept, and a rich, varied wine list based entirely on Israeli wines.

EL AL's team of chefs, under Chef Moshe Segev, is responsible for the new menu. The procedure for selecting the wines was advised by international wine celebrity Yair Haidu. The new meals offer different tastes and styles from around the world which change during the year, where each style is highlighted by specially designed delicacies and elements. The new menu is accompanied by rebranded trays designed by the Noyberg & Bulka studio, and every three months, when the menu is changed, all the branded elements on the tray will be changed accordingly.

In March 2016 EL AL will launch a new wine list in the premium classes
and EL AL's "Wine of the month" will be selected. The wine list was carefully chosen by panels that included senior expert wine tasters and consultation with international wine celebrity Yair Haidu, from among 200 wines that were submitted by 40 kosher wineries in Israel. At the end of the process the best 24 wines were selected for inclusion in EL AL's wine list. The meticulously chosen wine list enabled EL AL to compete again in the Cellars in the Sky international wine competition and to win a prize for the second year in a row.

EL AL CEO David Maimon: "With much care and forethought, EL AL provides its passengers with the best product, superior quality and uncompromising excellence. As part of our efforts, we decided to upgrade the dinners offered to our Business Class passengers. A great amount of thought went into creating an international culinary experience with a variety of tastes and aromas from around the world. The new menu is the product of productive cooperation between EL AL's Service Division headed by Yehudit Grisaro and EL AL's team of chefs supervised by the head chef of the national airline, Chef Moshe Segev."

Yehudit Grisaro, EL AL Vice President Customer Service: "Improving the passenger's experience is on our agenda all the time. The service we provide to our customers is a combination of contacts and experiences, from the decision to fly and until the plane lands. The culinary aspect is one element of the experience, and the meal that we are introducing is part of our 'journey' to fulfill the expectations of our customers. Tastes of the World, under the supervision of Chef Moshe Segev, expresses creativity, freshness and a feast for the eyes and the palate. EL AL's wine cellar, which has won places of honor on the international scene, enriches the culinary experience for our customers and especially for our premium passengers."

Moshe Segev, EL AL's Head Chef: "The desire to improve, to update and to vary the choice of dishes offered to our customers led us to the decision to upgrade the dinners in Business Class. The meal concept includes the creation of a number of different styles of tastes that will alternate during the year. Each style will be characterized by its specific elements, such as: North African, Italian, Asian, Greek, French, etc. Each menu will contain appetizers, entrees and dessert. The Italian meal which is now being served on the flight contains an appetizer of beef ‘prosciutto,’ a hot entrée of pasta with fish or chicken, and a dessert in the Italian style."

Yair Haidu, International Wine Celebrity: "We are proud to launch the new wine list for EL AL's premium classes. In recent years we have worked to create a meticulously selected quality wine list that has won recognition in important international competitions.

"Recently, for the second year in a row, EL AL won a prize for the best wine list from among 75 airlines around the world, in the Cellars in the Sky international wine competition. I would like to thank the passengers who have been loyal to us and to Israel's boutique wines. It is a pleasure for us and an honor for Israel's wine industry to present on your flights with EL AL another aspect of Israeli agriculture and excellence, in this case, of the country's wineries. As a leading company in Israel we are committed to continuing to develop top service for our passengers in the air, to offer a world of pleasures that make your flight as optimally pleasant as possible."

Idan Noyberg, Product Designer, Noyberg-Bulka Design Studio: "The meals were designed creatively to help passengers feel the ambience. As designers, we wanted to utilize the natural colors of Italian food, and in essence to work around with little hints of Italian ambience while preserving the place of honor for the new entrees prepared by Moshe Segev. Through drawings that bring classic Italy to mind, we sought to formulate a clearly local story, but at the same time to maintain the refinement and clean lines of Business Class."

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