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Turkish Airlines partners with British Film Director to launch ‘The City of Istanbul’ video

Turkish Airlines has launched its campaign to promote the city of Istanbul through its collaboration with world-famous British Film Director, Rob Whitworth. Entitled “The City of Istanbul”, the film aims to capture the city’s best aspects and is tipped as one of the most powerful promotional videos for Istanbul, showcasing all the city has to offer.

The video depicts not only the historical and cultural aspects of Istanbul, but also the social diversity found in this wonderful city.  Aimed at introducing Istanbul to a global audience and tempting them to visit the country, the film brings together the city’s unique heritage and cultural diversity, all captured through the latest and most impressive film techniques.    

Rob Whitworth, who created the film in partnership with Turkish Airlines, is an experienced and well-known urban filmmaker, who constantly develops and integrates new shooting techniques and film editing methods into his work. His previous projects include projects for major brands and promotional films for Barcelona and Dubai, and he is a big talent who has created successful works that have received many awards at global film festivals and gained widespread critical acclaim in global press. In this latest work, Whitworth captured the most spectacular views of the city to present a wonderful experience of Istanbul to the viewers that ends with amazement…

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