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The London Helicopter launches new luxury package that links the UK capital to mystical Stonehenge

It will be “up, up and away” from the heart of contemporary London to the ancient and wondrous Stonehenge with the brand new, luxury package just announced by The London Helicopter.
The London attraction is leaving the skies of the capital and heading west on the ‘Helicopter Tour of Stonehenge’. Guests will start their journey at the London Heliport, Battersea and fly across the English countryside, peeking in on Stonehenge from above before landing at a local airfield. A chauffeured luxury car will be waiting there and soon whisk guests off to experience Stonehenge at ground level.

After spending time admiring the stone circle, the scene of so much intrigue, worship and awe, guests will re-board the helicopter, fly back towards the capital and enjoy a birds-eye tour of some of London’s most iconic sights. On landing back at the Heliport, it’s time for a glass of champagne, to top off what will be an unforgettable day.

Prices for experiencing Stonehenge on this deluxe package from The London Helicopter start from £3,800 for two people.

The ‘Helicopter Tour of Stonehenge’ is available in addition to The London Helicopter’s three London-focused tours:
London Buzz: This central London adrenaline-fuelled flight that takes passengers up to 1,500 feet in just sixty seconds and offers 12 minutes of jaw-dropping panoramas from Chelsea to London Bridge. Prices start from £150 per person on a shared flight.

London Sights: This 18 minute flight offers all the amazing views of London Buzz, plus lots of additional landmarks, including the Tower of London, Canary Wharf and Fulham Palace. Prices start from £200 per person on a shared flight.

London Max: The ultimate treat for those that want to travel in serious style, this exclusive journey takes up to six passengers on an extended trip of approximately 30 minutes, from west to east over London’s breath-taking sights. Prices start from £1,500 for a private flight for up to six passengers.

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