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Heathrow releases Christmas passenger figures

This week marks the start of the holidays, with children breaking up from school and joining their families across the globe to spend Christmas together. 116,700 passengers are expected to depart from Heathrow on 19th December, with 698,438 passengers departing between 19th December and Christmas day.

From Heathrow to Mexico, or Aberdeen to Atlanta, 5,250,617 people in total will travel across several continents in the next 7 days to spend Christmas day with their loved ones. To celebrate this incredible mass journey, Heathrow has created an animation to show the movement of people from the UK across the world in the week leading up to Christmas Day - including a special journey from Santa Claus himself on Christmas Eve.  Between 19th and 23rd December 65% of all passengers from Heathrow will be travelling to visit friends and relatives, nearly double the rest of the year, normally 35.6% of passengers per month.

Over the next week 43,405 flights will depart and arrive from UK airports. 22 per cent of these flights will depart from Heathrow, mainly to long haul destinations, as part of the 64 UK airports helping get people away for Christmas.  

Normand Boivin, Chief Operating Officer at Heathrow said, “Heathrow is proud to help take passengers further on their journey around the world for the festive season. This is such a busy and exciting time at the airport and the visualisation captures the service we provide for the world.  

“As an added treat, on Christmas day we will also be offering festive flyers specially created boiled sweets in three flavours – turkey, sage and onion stuffing and Christmas pudding – so travellers don’t miss out on their dinner at 30,000 feet.”

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