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Regent Taipei and All Nippon Airways present “Classic Imperial Feast" on Tokyo-Taiwan Flights

Regent Taipei and All Nippon Airways (ANA) will launch their second season of in-flight cuisine collaboration this month, building on the success of menus available earlier this year. ANA business class passengers travelling from Tokyo to Taiwan will enjoy the “Classic Imperial Feast,” designed and created by the Silks Palace, owned and managed by FIH Regent Group and located inside the National Palace Museum park area. 

Inspired by artefacts in the museum, Silks Palace is known for recreating culinary masterpieces modelled after famous art works. The restaurant’s “Imperial Feast” menu is most renowned for its “meat-shaped stone” and “jadeite cabbage,” two classic Chinese art sculptures. This season’s ANA in-flight cuisine includes those two dishes, as well as tender green asparagus shoots with salted eggs, peppered long green beans, fresh abalone with five-spice sauce, fresh scallops with scallions, egg white fried rice, kai-lan with five vegetables, and sweet crystal zongzi with red beans and mango pudding for dessert. 

“The Imperial Feast is creative in that the menu requires the harmony and contrasts of modern-day techniques with near-ancient recipes and ides,” explained Patrick Tsai, Executive Chinese Cuisine Chef at Regent Taipei. “Each dish necessitates very delicate handiwork. Making the jadeite cabbage dish involves cooking the baby cabbage in a ham and chicken broth, immediately setting and sculpting it, preparing the scallop sauce, and adding tiny sakura shrimp as decoration, echoing the katydid and locust on the real jade cabbage. The meat-shaped stone is a sculpted piece of Dongpao pork, a tender, flavourful ham hock marinated and braised with a custom soy sauce blend.”

In addition to enjoying Regent cuisine in the air, ANA passengers can enjoy Regent Taipei’s award-winning beef noodle soup masterpieces at the ANA SUITE LOUNGE at Tokyo’s International (Haneda) Airport 24 June  to 31 July. All ANA first class passengers and Diamond Card members can enjoy these representative Taiwanese dishes from the eighth annual Taipei International Beef Noodle Soup Festival.

Kazunori Shima, General Manager of ANA’s Taipei Office, stated: “We are proud to offer Regent Taipei’s Championship Beef Noodle Soup at the ANA SUITE LOUNGE in Tokyo International Airport. We hope to share Taiwan’s classic, delicious tastes with guests all over the world, and we are looking forward to amazing everyone with June’s Regent in-flight menus.”

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