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Finnair receives approval to ease rules on electronic devices

Finnair has received approval from the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) to change rules on the use of portable electronic devices during take-offs and landings. Effective today, customers on Finnair flights may use handheld devices throughout all phases of flight, as long as the devices – such as smartphones, tablets and e-readers – are kept in flight mode.

Passengers may still be asked to switch off their devices if landing in low visibility conditions. Laptop computers are not considered handheld devices, and must always be switched off and stored properly during take-off and landing.

“Since the European Aviation Safety Agency recently eased its regulations concerning the operation of portable electronic devices, we have sought to apply these regulations to policies on board Finnair flights,” says Antti Aukia, Finnair’s VP Safety and Quality Management. “Now with the necessary approvals in place, we are able to do so. However, we ask that passengers continue to cooperate with cabin crew, who may still ask that devices be switched off while landing in low visibility. Flight safety remains Finnair’s first and highest priority.”

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