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100th installation of Zodiac Inflight Innovations’ RAVE Centric IFE

Zodiac Inflight Innovations is celebrating the 100th installation of RAVE™ Centric, its ground-breaking passenger-centric embedded AVOD IFE system. The milestone was reached when RAVE™ Centric went into service on its 100th aircraft today.
RAVE™ Centric was first introduced in 2008 and is now flying on 23 airlines around the world, and with more being added every year, the sky’s the limit.

RAVE™ Centric is qualified to Airbus, Boeing and DO-160 requirements. It is a lightweight modular system, providing airlines with a wide range of choices about what they offer passengers in each cabin. Airlines have a range of choices from screen size to passenger control units and customizable jacks that can be arranged with various audio jack configurations and USB charging ports. Furthermore, each seat is independent, so a failure in one seat will not impact another; the patented dockable seat display means the crew can quickly replace the seat display during the flight.

RAVE™ IFE provides passengers with app-based browsing for on-demand movies, TV shows, music, radio and a moving map. Capacitive touch, high resolution (HD) screens are embedded in the seats and the intuitive Graphical User Interface mirrors what everyone is familiar with on their smartphones and tablets. The integrated USB charger can be used to power personal electronic devices, and the screen includes an audio jack for headphones.

“RAVE is going from strength to strength,” said Harry Gray, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Zodiac Inflight Innovations. “We are expanding our market share rapidly with more new airline customer announcements soon. The addition of connectivity, the result of our acquisition of TriaGnoSys, means we can provide all the technology an airline needs for the complete IFEC offering, putting us in an incredibly strong position to continue our growth trajectory.”

Everything Zodiac Inflight Innovations does is based around the principles of RAVE™: reliable, affordable and very easy. That applies as much to simplicity of use for the passenger as it does to the airline’s purchasing, marketing and maintenance teams.

RAVE™ is modular, meaning each airline can select the elements that suit its requirements best. It has four components, which together make up the entire IFEC offering that any airline needs. RAVE™ Centric is the embedded IFE system. RAVE™ Wireless enables the wireless streaming of IFE content to passengers’ own personal electronic devices. And RAVE™ Cellular and RAVE™ Broadband provide GSM and WiFi connectivity.

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