Three quarters of industry say colleagues are suffering from stress

Laura Capell-Abra
71% of event industry professionals believe that their colleagues are suffering from stress according to the findings of a survey conducted with over 200 people. The survey was conducted by Laura Capell-Abra, a leading industry business and career coach and ex-agency MD.

Other findings include:
  ·         91% of respondents work more than 41 hours per week. Over 50% work more than 51 hours and over 20% work more than 61 hours per week. 
  ·         High workload was the biggest cause of stress at 68%. Followed by unrealistic deadlines and demanding clients at 59% and 58% respectively.   
·         Those that have employers that offer flexible working are 31% less stressed than those that either have to justify it or are not allowed to work flexibly.   
·         45% of respondents have not had any training and were expected to learn on the job, their stress levels were 33% levels higher than those that had some or a large amount of training.    
·         65% believe that the reputation of a company’s pro-active stress management approach will impact their future job choices.  

Laura Capell-Abra said: “Earlier this year, the Career Cast survey listed event co-ordinator as fifth in a list of the most stressful jobs in the US which inspired me to find out about stress levels in the UK events industry. I’ve been coaching individuals in the sector for some time now and stress is a huge issue, but these research findings are proof that we are facing a stress epidemic in the industry and that we have to make changes.”  

The survey had 200 respondents: 14% were owners/executive level, 10% senior leadership team level, 35% were operational management level.  31% are entry or junior operational level. 10% other.

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