The Delegate Wranglers launches DW Superstars

Delegate Wranglers DW Superstars
The creators of The Delegate Wranglers have launched a new ‘recognition of excellence’ system for those looking for endorsements whilst working within the group. The DW Superstars initiative allows participants to carry testimonials – or superstars – based on the number of third-party endorsements they receive, while those looking to work with them can see the levels of success attached to their profil

Importantly, the Superstars initiative is inclusive for the whole of the event industry, meaning event planners (freelancers, agencies, etc) and event suppliers can benefit from being a part of it.

The initiative is optional but with incentives within the group available, for those that pick up larger numbers of endorsements, beyond the increased credibility of their businesses. The initiative forms part of the Delegate Wranglers’ objective to inject more momentum into the community and works as businesses engage their own customers to leave testimonials on their DW website directory. These listings are then made accessible to others throughout the event industry and will also be visible on the businesses profile in the form of superstars – giving them the opportunity to show them on the DW Facebook group when responding to business leads.

“We’re really keen that The Delegate Wranglers take on some of the responsibility to inject activity into the industry, to help our suppliers & planners win business, and to give confidence to the organisers on the platform to host events as soon as they can,” comments Neil Thompson, Founder, Delegate Wranglers. “We know endorsements really move businesses, with recent studies telling us that 97% of B2B customers cited testimonials and peer recommendations as the most reliable type of content. So we hope this makes booking that little bit easier for everyone.”

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