Industry needs to get creative and find a way

Carrie Larwood, MD
Function Fixers, the leading venue finding agency, is calling for the industry to get creative and find new ways of running events, without compromising on safety, and within the remit of government guidance, if it is going to negotiate six months of unprecedented disruption.

Carrie Larwood, managing director of Function Fixers said: “The recent announcement came as a blow to us all, but I remain very optimistic and I urge others to be the same. The reality is, how can we follow government guidance, while still allowing our clients to have the meetings that they want. How can we take the guidance of up to 30 people and adapt accordingly?  

“We are a creative industry, and we need to take a creative approach. We need to wake up to the fact that Covid isn’t going away anytime soon and develop new creative ways to host events. As a venue finder we’re looking at trying to accommodate larger groups across different venues, slicing one big event into smaller pieces and using technology to bring them together.  

“Equally, we’re looking to work with experts, including venues, who specialise in keeping our clients’ delegations safe, but can find ways of linking smaller groups together to create bigger meetings, and reach out to digital delegates in a professional manner.  

“We cannot keep putting events, and the events industry on hold; life and business must carry on. We’re taking a robust approach, our clients need service, and we’ll work with them to support their businesses. I’m delighted to see several venues take a creative approach; The Dorchester are promoting their rooms as luxury meet-up spaces (with social distancing measures) for colleagues to meet once in a while, the Bloomsbury Ballroom is promoting socially distanced cabaret events and another prestigious venue has launched a ‘Christmas in a Box’ package for employers to host a virtual Christmas celebration for staff in their own homes.  

“We can get through this. I urge our industry to be sensible, follow the rules, but get creative, and support our clients. If we lie down, we’ll lose them, and that will be fatal for us all.”

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