Event insurance specialist, Insure Our Event, highlights the importance of Adverse Weather insurance following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused thousands of events across the UK to be cancelled or rearranged. Legendary and longstanding events have been called off for the first time in their history, leading to widespread disappointment and uncertainty.

As restrictions are beginning to lift, event organisers are now starting to get planning once again. Outdoor events, festivals, carnivals, markets, weddings and much more are being rescheduled for Autumn/Winter 2020 and beyond. However, now the summer season is over the event insurer is issuing a stark warning to event organisers - don’t be caught out by bad weather.

As Autumn and Winter weather is typically more unpredictable, event organisers must prepare for rescheduled events to be cancelled or postponed further if the weather is not on their side.

To demonstrate the unpredictability of British weather, Insure Our Event has written an advice piece detailing 10 times extreme weather in the UK has led to major cancellations. From high winds and snow storms right through to heatwaves, a bad weather forecast really can make or break an event.

Insure Our Event is calling for event planners to be diligent when it comes to planning events in the colder months. Adverse Weather Insurance cover provides peace of mind that, should an event be cancelled or postponed, organisers will be able to recoup financial losses caused by the cancellation.

Victoria Romero-Trigo, Finance Director of Insure Our Event, says: “We understand the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for the events industry, and most planners are ready to get started running events again. Outdoor events, which would normally happen in the summer months when the weather is typically much nicer, are now happening in Autumn and Winter. It’s important organisers have a financial back-up to make sure they aren’t left out of pocket if their event has to be cancelled again. The safety of guests and event staff must always come first, and Adverse Weather Insurance is there for organisers come rain or shine.”

Insure Our Event’s article detailing 10 major UK events cancelled by bad weather can be found at insureourevent.co.uk

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