Consultancy launches 3 C’s Sourcing Model

Direct Response to industry voices calling for TMC RFP Re-Wire
FESTIVE ROAD, the industry renowned consultancy, today issued the initial results of its industry consultation on the TMC RFP process. The consultation exercise was announced in October as part of its challenge the industry to “re-wire” the TMC RFP process.

The consultancy says that it received a high amount of interest in its consultation and that the exercise demonstrated, among many interesting topics, that;
• For buyers, the RFP process takes months out of their lives and other projects and programme maintenance can grind to a halt.
• For TMCs, the RFP process rarely allows them to shine and demonstrate the creativity that they would like to.

The consultancy also added a rather surprising finding. When asked why we persist with the RFP process, both parties cited each other as the reason. TMC’s stating buyers won’t change and the buyers stating TMCs can only work in this very structured and formulaic way.

FESTIVE ROAD’s lead for the consultation exercise, Louise Kilgannon, said “We had an overwhelming response to our campaign, a special thanks to all those who contributed. When we started this process, we thought there must be a better way…and now we are sure of it!”

Ms Kilgannon added that, off the back of the consultation, FESTIVE ROAD has launched its very own “3 C’s Sourcing Model”, advocating for an evenly balanced approach across Capabilities, Culture & Commercials to ensure the right choice of TMC is selected.