Capell-Abra launches ‘Stress Matters’ Pledge initiative to tackle industry stress

Laura Capell-Abra
Laura Capell-Abra, a leading industry business and career coach has launched a free industry-wide initiative giving practical advice to companies to help them to ease stress in the workplace.  
The ‘Stress Matters’ Pledge will offer companies a practical and measurable way to ease stress. Companies are audited, assessed and then they commit to addressing key stress points within their workplace.

The results will be measured against the initial audit - allowing companies to really see the impact of their changes. The initiative has been launched following survey findings indicating that three quarters of industry professionals think their colleagues are suffering from stress.  

Laura Capell-Abra said: “I spent many years as MD of Sledge, where my team’s objective was to reduce the event stress felt by our corporate clients. I then started coaching individuals and teams but felt that I was trying to help the industry person by person. The realisation dawned on me: the culture and reputation of stress in the industry could only be broken by creating a movement of employers that would put their team's wellbeing at the heart of the business in an honest way.  

“Knowing events people were practical people and love a good list, the idea of the pledges were born. I commissioned research to find out just how big the problem was and the individual pledges were created to tackle the main issues. Stress won’t be eradicated with one simple initiative such as a free gym membership; fundamental, practical and measurable changes have to take place. They have to be industry wide and integrated in to a company’s culture; and these changes have to come from the top. Each company that commits to the Pledges will receive an initial audit and then a 12 month action plan with implementation guidance which is then followed up after six months. After 12 months, the company is re-assessed and the appropriate achievement badge will be awarded.”  

The ten Pledges cover three key themes: communication, resources and clients, each building on each other to create the optimal environment for a stress-free events setting.  

Capell-Abra continues: “Two thirds of event organisers say that the reputation of a company’s pro-active stress management approach will impact their future job choices; achieving the ‘Stress Matters’ accreditation could have a serious impact on a company’s ability to attract and retain talent.”  

The Stress Matters Pledge has been launched in partnership with the EventWell campaign which is looking at physical and mental health within the events industry.

For a free copy of the Stress Matters Pledge including the guide to implementation please go to:

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