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Top tips on how to remain motivated in the new normal of working remotely

Woman working remotely
The global pandemic has meant many companies are implementing mandatory work from home policies. Karla Pearce, Senior Marketing Manager Europe, Cvent Hospitality Cloud gives her top tips on how to remain motivated in the new normal of working remotely.

Self-isolation does not mean work isolation
Take the time to check in and meet frequently, albeit virtually, with your team and clients to discuss objectives and align on priorities. Also, dedicate time for one to one meetings between colleagues to share status updates, or have chinwag during a virtual tea break with a real brew. As in-person group meetings aren’t possible right now, video conferencing via platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp and Facetime provide a great way to keep morale up and run remote socials where teams can come together for an after-work cocktail hour or quiz and fizz evenings – and still get the feeling of meeting face-to-face.   

Keep-the- ‘office’-fires-burning
It’s important that even home-bound employees know they are still able to express any work concerns to their employers. Business owners need to ensure that their in-office open-door policies remain intact in a remote setting. Employee must know who they can talk to via telephone or video conference to bring up any issues or concerns.  

Keep moving
Staying active is key to our health and wellness. Do wonders for your wellbeing and help to improve mood and energy levels with a team exercise class to release endorphins. At Cvent we have arranged numerous lunch workouts and even organised a “Zoom-ba” class using the video conferencing platform.

Keep your network going 
Don’t neglect networking! Just because in-person events aren’t taking place right now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach out to existing contacts or approach new ones. Utilise LinkedIn to both keep in touch and expand your network. You can also ‘meet-up’ virtually with new contacts and move scheduled meetings online until we’re able to come together in-person at a later date.   

Plan for your evolution 
All of us have had to adapt to this new normal. What happens when we get back to the office? Hone in on the skills you’ve picked up and get ready to transfer these once you get back onsite. This could be as simple as the new online tools you’ve mastered for virtual meetings, routines that spur your creativity, exercises that help with stress and anxiety and continuing with events that strengthen team bonds. Also, why not learn a new skill? Beef up existing skills with free classes, learn something new or even circle back to something you picked up before and didn’t complete to give you that edge. 

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