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Diversity Travel, Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines launch initiative for Ugandan Mental Health Services

Diversity Travel, a travel management company specialising in the charity and academic sectors, is working in partnership with Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines to raise vital funds for the Diversity Foundation.

Born and raised in Uganda, Diversity Travel Founder Harish Sodha understands the hardships that many people living in his home country face due to a lack of understanding around mental health issues. When investigating the options of setting up a foundation to support rural communities, Uganda seemed the obvious choice.  As a result of the shortage of mental health services, diagnosis, treatment and outreach in Bwindi, the Diversity Foundation is dedicated to supporting the remote community in Uganda made up of over 100 villages.

For the month of September, the airlines will make a £5 contribution towards the Diversity Foundation for every Virgin Atlantic or Delta Air Lines flight booked by the Diversity Travel team.

Since its launch, the Diversity Foundation has been able to provide the Bwindi Community Hospital, which has a dedicated community mental health service, with; the full salary of an additional member of staff, a new and fully funded motorbike, two laptops, a radio show, payment for medication and contributions towards the Good Samaritan Fund.

The initiative is the first of its kind for the Foundation and looks set to raise significant funds which will help to pay for vital resources. With the support of Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines, individuals within the most remote areas of Bwindi will have access to mental health services.

“At Virgin Atlantic, we aim to be thought leads within our industry on health and well-being” said Rami El-Dahshan, Head of TMC and Europe Sales. “We’re thrilled to be the first airline to offer an incentive to Diversity Travel which supports the Diversity Foundation. Mental health awareness is of utmost importance and the Foundation’s efforts to raise awareness and improve support within the Bwindi community is exemplary. We’re proud to be involved.”

Matthew Truin, Director of Global Supplier Relations for Diversity Travel, said, “We are delighted that Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines have chosen to support the Diversity Foundation. This initiative has the potential to ultimately change lives within Bwindi – our Reservations Teams can’t wait to get started.” 

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