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New HBAA Executive Committee train to be Mental Health First Aiders

Lex Butler, Wolf & White
As the first step in the HBAA’s 2019 major initiative to encourage action on mental health issues in the event industry, the new HBAA Executive Committee members have been trained to be Mental Health First Aiders.
  The two-day course at Wyboston Lakes Resort gave the Committee members many valuable practical skills and increased their awareness and understanding of what affects mental wellbeing.

The course taught them how to spot triggers and signs of mental health issues and gave them enhanced non-judgemental interpersonal skills. They also learnt how to reassure and support a person in distress and how to help someone recover their health.  

The HBAA is arranging for this course to be available to members, setting up open courses to take place in April and June.  

After completing the course Angie Mason, HBAA Chair said: “The last two days have been so enlightening. It totally reinforced in my mind what a vital issue this is and how important our campaign is. There is so much that most of us don’t know about mental health issues so we want as many people as possible to sign up for these courses. Anyone could save a life.”  

The HBAA Executive Committee, which comprises the Committee Chairs and Past Chairs, has three new members for 2019.  

Alexis Moreau is the new HBAA Tech & Innovation Chair and Lex Butler is the new HBAA Events Committee Chair for 2019 while Nick Scott of ArrangeMY now chairs the Business Accommodation Committee.  

Alexis Moreau is the Head of Conference and Catering Services at Robinson College at the University of Cambridge. Lex Butler is the Creative Director and Owner of Wolf & White. Before founding Wolf & White, Lex held several senior positions at Zibrant, Nick Scott joined ArrangeMY in 2004 and has been Managing Director since 2008.

The full HBAA Executive Committee is
• HBAA Chair & Treasurer - Angie Mason, Absolute Corporate Events
• Immediate Past Chair - Louise Goalen, Top Banana 
• Past Chair - Leigh Cowlishaw, Capita Travel and Events
• Consultant Executive Director - Juliet Price, HBAA
• Venue Member Chair - Rachael Naylor, IHG 
• Immediate Past Venue Member Chair - Louisa Watson, Wyboston Lakes Resort
• Events Chair - Lex Butler, Wolf & White
• Marketing Chair - Jenner Carter, Lime Venue Portfolio
• Membership Chair - Sian Sayward, Inntel
• Business Accommodation Chair - Nick Scott, arrangeMY
• Tech & Innovation Chair - Alexis Moreau, Robinson College
• International Chair - Jayson Hodgkinson, Venue-Choice 
• Agency Engagement Chair - Julie Shorrock, HTS
• Agency Sector Representative - Alison Makosz, Conference Care
• Venue Sector Representative - Ellie Martin, Goodwood

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