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Jack Morton creates immersive experience at CES for HERE Technologies

Jack Morton to launch an immersive brand experience at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
Experience Merges Data with Reality to Demonstrate Location Intelligence
HERE Technologies, a global leader in mapping and location platform services has partnered with global brand experience agency, Jack Morton to launch an immersive brand experience at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The experience, Step into the New Reality, was designed to bring to life the importance of location data and the impact it has on our day-to-day lives. The technologies that enable a safer, more efficient and connected world require precise maps of our physical world. HERE harvests and processes enormous amounts of data to create these maps through “location intelligence”.

However, most consumers are not aware of location data. In order to illustrate the power of location intelligence at CES, the brand enlisted Jack Morton. The team merged the physical world with the virtual one in a unique, branded 3-D LED architectural experience where the lines between data and reality are blurred.  

The HERE pavilion invites visitors through an immersive media entrance to enter an experience that overlays real and virtual worlds, where they can explore the depth of the data ecosystem. Six innovative demo installations and an interactive city model provide an intuitive, simple and application-oriented dive into the potential of location data intelligence. On the second floor, visitors transition back to the physical world though a bright, nature-inspired lounge, leading out onto a terrace where they can overlook the CES outdoor area.  

Jens Mayer, Managing Director at Jack Morton Germany said: “HERE’s location intelligence is an unsung hero in shaping the way we move – from connected and autonomous cars to smart mobility. We are proud to provide them with a brand experience at CES that beautifully showcases the fact that HERE truly is everywhere.”

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