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drp opened its doors for their first ever exclusive recruitment day

drp recruitment day set up
Creative communications agency drp opened their doors for the first time for an exclusive recruitment day at their Midlands headquarters on Thursday 14th June. The day welcomed over 100 people from across the UK. The future employees were guided with grand tours of the 212 facilities, group interactive sessions, alongside presentations with the individual departments of the business.

The day was an opportunity for drp to showcase as a company what they do, alongside the full range of services they offer, and expertise they can provide.

On the day there was a registration area welcoming all attendees, informing them of the afternoon’s activities. The attendees arrived at their designated times and had an opportunity to network with various members of the drpteam. After networking, each group were given a drpteam member as a guide which led into an introduction of drp from CEO Dale Parmenter. This introduction showed the history of the business, a breakdown of the departments within the agency followed by a short video summarising some of their best work.

After the introduction, each group were guided into studio 3 where there was a display of vintage drp memorabilia guiding the attendees through the company’s journey over the last 38 years. On show was the renowned blue drp car, first used to transport all of the equipment to and from clients, alongside the first ever computer used to create content. The tour continued, and the attendees were taken on a short walk through the warehouses, and the different work spaces the attendees could be working amongst.

After the tour of upstairs, the attendees were given an overview in the cinema room, of the importance of learning and development within the business and the various ways in which you will be supported in progressing yourself. After the last tour, attendees were given an opportunity to ask questions as well as the chance to speak to any of the drpteam members in depth, of which many did.

“CEO of drp, Dale Parmenter commented; “The response to our first ever recruitment event was amazing, we had potential candidates for a diverse range of roles join us from across the UK and beyond. The event showcased the fantastic work the drpteam achieve year in year out, it was a unique opportunity for visitors to spend time with the team, understand our anything’s possible culture and what sits behind our vision 'to be the company of choice’.”

drp’s headquarters is one of the largest corporate communications complexes in the UK housing design, film and production studios to benefit their fully integrated services.

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