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micebook. partners with Meeting Needs to bring laughs and hope to refugee camps across the globe

Clowns Without Borders
Event planners’ inspiration hub micebook will be helping bring smiles to the faces of refugee children through an initiative with Meeting Needs.
micebook, which is a partner of the events industry charity, is supporting its mission to bring laughs – and hope - into refugee camps.

Meeting Needs is currently working with Clowns without Borders, funding projects which will help raise smiles by taking entertainers such as acrobats, jugglers and musicians into some of the world’s most dangerous places. One of their most recent performances was on the Bangladesh border to Rohingya people who have fled Myanmar.

As well as clowning around, the charity creates fun performances which convey important social and human rights messages, such as the importance of hygiene and hand washing, female empowerment and land mine safety.

micebook founder Chetan Shah said: “It’s a privilege to work within the events and incentives industry, organising travel and events for business, pleasure and inspiration. We always look forward to these trips and the destination is part of the experience and the motivation for clients.”

“For refugees in these camps, their experience of travel is entirely different. They are forced to leave their homes in areas affected by conflict, war or disaster. The journeys they make are necessary for their survival.”

He added: “Food and shelter are vital for refugees, but another important need which is often overlooked is a sense of hope for a future outside of their current situation. This is why we are supporting Meeting Needs in helping to bring a little joy and even playfulness to the camps.”

“Working with children has always been a passion of mine. Our industry works by motivating people to improve through incentives. We are proud to support Meeting Needs and Clowns Without Borders who are using laughter to do the same. Bringing joy to these communities can improve people’s lives by motivating them to take ownership of the place they are currently having to call home for the time they are there.”

Lene Corgan, Executive Committee Member of Meeting Needs said: “We are delighted to have micebook on board as a charity partner and to be able to work with them to support worthy causes such as Clowns Without Borders.”

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