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IQPlanner suggests alternative destinations to discover in 2018

Trip inspiration site recommends hidden gems to travel to, rather than the usual suspects such as Paris and Barcelona
Over-tourism is currently a major issue with popular destinations feeling the strain of overcrowding and excess visitors. European destinations are amongst the worst affected with crowds visiting the likes of Barcelona and Venice at peak times.  

This chronic over-tourism affects both visitors but also the quality of life for residents of the destinations. It’s natural that people are looking for something new for their 2018 holiday, and online travel itinerary inspiration and planning website, IQPlanner provides holiday bookers with insights on alternative destinations to discover.

There are numerous new and alternative countries to explore and finding that ‘road less travelled’ is the key to a more authentic and happy experience for all involved.

IQPlanner’s insightful and inspirational itineraries open up travellers to a whole new world of hidden gems.  Why go to Paris when you could explore the city of Fes in Morocco? Or why not book a city break to Tbilisi in Georgia, rather than a standard trip to Barcelona? Walk around the old town of Vilnius in Lithuania instead of the crowded streets of Rome. There are plenty of action packed and exciting itineraries on IQPlanner just waiting to be discovered.

IQPlanner Co-founder Dmitrijus Konovalovas says, “Concerns about over-tourism have actually created positive trends in the travel industry, including more people searching for new places to visit. IQPlanner is unique as we host a huge range of itineraries, including up and coming destinations that the average holidaymaker will generally be unaware of. With increasing pressure to adhere to responsible tourism measures and local economic benefit, we have plans to include a section on this on our platform, which will help to draw people’s attention to the issue and encourage them to look for new holiday destinations and experiences.”

IQPlanner benefits both the authors of itineraries as well as the readers.  Once authors have uploaded their itineraries, a commission payment is achieved for each click that goes out to a partner booking site. Even better – anyone can become an IQPlanner author and start monetising their travel stories. For Brits who are looking for the next best up and coming destination for 2018, IQPlanner recommends that they rely on tips and advice from authentic and inspirational travel itineraries, written by experienced local experts.

Visit for travel inspiration and register to become a travel author today.

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