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Is your business trip a pleasure? Meet the ‘bleasure traveller’

As young adults feel the pinch in disposable income, and experience a drop in the number of holidays they take, The Heathrow Express Business Travel Insights Report 2017 has revealed that young professionals are getting their ‘travel hit’ from business trips, contributing to a ‘bleasure’ trend, where business travel is pleasure.

The Heathrow Express Business Travel Insights Report 2017 has found that under 35s are an age group most likely to enjoy business travel, with over 70 per cent saying that business travel is an enjoyable part of their job. They are also the age group most likely to add extra days for leisure purposes and extend their trips for longer. 

Younger travellers are less likely to be travelling alone, and most likely to be travelling to a conference than other age groups. The research reveals that conference delegates add the most number of days for leisure purposes with 66% adding up to two weeks to their trip.

The Heathrow Express Business Travel Insights Report 2017 has identified different personas of business travellers from the relative importance of different motivations when choosing flights, accommodation and transport to and from the airport.  The increasing numbers of those adding leisure extensions onto business trips created the ‘bleisure’ trend. However the new report also reveals how many travellers actually enjoy the business part of their trips too. With many business travellers taking pleasure from business, Heathrow Express introduces the ‘bleasure’ traveller.

Demonstrating a lack of confidence when travelling, 90% of under 25s claim to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare 10 points more than the next age group. Once at the airport, they are likely to work and more likely to eat, drink, shop and relax.

Fraser Brown, Director of Heathrow Express said: “Not only do under 35s make up a growing proportion of our customer base, but they are clearly the sector that most enjoys travelling for business. Our research finds that if this age group can’t necessarily afford to take the same number of holidays as their parents or grandparents, then they will do their utmost to enjoy the travel they have to do for work.”

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